Page Goolrick

Page Goolrick

Page Goolrick is an award winning architect, interiors and lighting designer with an international practice based in New York City and she has designed a series

of products for the MoMA Design stores. Page has developed a reputation for creating clean, elegant forms and an innovative use of materials in designing

spaces, structures and products. Her firm’s approach to design involves rational problem solving, questioning assumptions and celebrating essential function.

“As a team, we believe that excellent design is the product of a collaborative process, tailored to create structures that are innovative, appropriate for our

time, sustainable and specific to each client’s program and context. We believe that good design can markedly enhance the quality of one’s life.”

Page is both an architect and an avid sailor. The combination of disciplines has lead her to develop principles of streamlined, efficient design informed by a

inventive use of materials. This philosophy allows for no wasted space or applied ornament. Elements serve multiple purposes and there is an emphasis

on flexibility and function. The relationship between the two disciplines is strong and complementary.

Established in 1989, Page Goolrick Architect PC does both residential and commercial projects, providing a full range of services.