Nessen lamps are made of solid brass because of its durability and beauty. Indeed, brass has been the accepted material for lamps since the days of ancient Greece.

Solid brass can be shaped, machined, soldered, and brazed by skilled hands for rigidity and exceptionally long life. Solid brass cannot rust; whereas brass-plated steel will wear out and the steel will rust.

When polished and lacquered, solid brass has a deep, warm tone and uniform finish that develops an elegant patina with age. Left outdoors, unlacquered solid brass eventually turns to a dark bronze color whose time becomes richer year after year.

Solid brass can be effectively oxidized to a bronze finish, because the content of these two metals is similar.

Solid brass is one of the few metals that is best suited for chrome plating. With the proper electro-chroming plating process (such as that used by Nessen), the chrome finish will last indefinitely and always retain its original color.

The uncompromising quality of materials and craftsmanship inherent in all Nessen lamps has gained a special reputation for all Nessen products.